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Groups are formed to create a supportive forum for people with similar issues. In group counseling, six to 12 individuals meet, at an assigned time, with one or two group leaders, usually on a weekly basis. Group members talk about what is currently going on in their lives and what may be troubling them. Group leaders and other group members are available to give support and offer alternatives and feedback to members of the group.

Workshops are educational presentations for students that are designed to enhance personal growth and to lessen stress and anxiety. Typical workshops include stress management, relationship issues, anger management, assertiveness training, eating disorders and body issues, grief and loss, and sexual abuse and assault. The Student Counseling Center welcomes requests for other workshops.

All groups are free for Adelphi students. Call 516.877.3646 to sign up for a group or to get more information.

LGBTQ+ Student Empowerment Group

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning and would like a place to build community, please contact us at to find out more about programs we offer. We’ll spend our time discussing topics and issues that are relevant to the group including: identity development, coming out, navigating being LGBTQ on Adelphi’s campus, bullying or other forms of abuse/harassment, and accessing LGBTQ resources. You don’t need to register beforehand. We ask participants to respect the rules of the group—these are available at the beginning of each group but include such things as keeping everything that is said within the group confidential, respecting the individual situation of others in the group, and not pressuring anyone into saying anything if they don’t want to. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Zotto at the Student Counseling Center at 516.877.3679.

Eating Disorders Treatment Group

Adelphi offers therapy groups for individuals struggling with eating disorders, weight control, body image, or related problems with self-regulation. Services are confidential and available at no fee to Adelphi students and staff.

For information and registration, please see the Center for Psychological Services or contact Dr. Jonathan Jackson at 516.877.4823.

Anxiety Support Group

Combining education and intervention, this support group is tailored to individual needs, applied in a supportive and encouraging group setting. Interventions will include counter-conditioning such as relaxation, breathing, yoga, and imaging, along with education including how avoidance sustains anxiety and can even make it worse.

For information and registration, please see the Center for Psychological Services or contact Dr. Jonathan Jackson, 516.877.4820.

Sexual Assault Survivors Group

Free and confidential.

In a safe environment, this group will look at how sexual assault continues to affect day-to-day living. Even if the unwanted contact happened months or years ago, all survivors are invited to participate. Snacks and refreshments provided!

If interested, please contact The Safe Center LI at 516.542.0404 for more information.

Stress Workshop Series

The Student Counseling Center offers a workshop series during the semester to help student learn healthy ways of coping with stress. The workshops will feature relaxation exercises, self-care, body language and communication skills, external and internal stress, relationships, creating a healthy life balance, physical and mental signs of stress, coping, stress and decision making, nutrition, mindfulness, and more.

Coping with Loss Discussion Group

We’re all feeling a lot lately, including loss. This may seem obvious because many people are experiencing tremendous loss as a result of this pandemic. But what might be less obvious are the smaller losses that also affect our emotional health. Join Jeff Chilton from the Student Counseling Center for a confidential discussion group on these topics.

To participate, email and we will send you the room link.

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