Academic and Creative Research Magazine is an annual publication celebrating the passion for discovery across all eight schools at Adelphi. We cover breakthroughs in science and healthcare, explore social justice issues, feature creative works of writing and art, and highlight research from across academic areas, from music to mathematics. 

These are the stories behind the big questions, the thought-provoking findings and the collaborative work happening across disciplines on our campus and beyond. These are the stories of the people and projects that contribute to the transformative educational experience at Adelphi. 

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The Fall 2019 edition explores research in the humanities, sciences and health and wellness.

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Cover Story: A Focus on Social Justice

Adelphi has a long-standing commitment to civic engagement and to addressing the challenges facing society. As part of this tradition, a growing number of faculty members are striving to produce research that resonates beyond academia—community-based research that may help resolve issues and enhance quality of life for marginalized populations.

These scholars are reframing their questions to focus on the strengths—rather than the weaknesses—of the populations they study. They are spending time getting to know the people who are participating in their research, then sharing their results with community organizations that can use them to effect sustainable change.

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