Annual Research and Creative Works Conference

Annual Research and Creative Works Conference

This annual celebration is a testament to the thriving academic environment and vibrant creative community experienced by students at Adelphi. Intellectual curiosity comes to life through hundreds of student presentations spanning disciplines from arts and humanities to natural and social sciences.

A Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity

One day each spring, we come together as a community to celebrate student scholarship and creativity during the annual Adelphi University Research and Creative Works Conference. Students get to share their hard work with their peers, faculty members and visitors. In the process, they build presentation and communication skills, learn to defend their work and engage with other academics, and, overall, develop an appreciation for scholarship and what it contributes to society. At the end of the day, we gather to recognize our award winners and congratulate our entire research community.

I’m a physicist, but I love going to a political science presentation. It’s so enriching to see things I, of course, think about, but don’t ever get an opportunity to talk about.

Matthew Wright, PhD Physics Professor | Adelphi Univeristy

This conference is incredibly rewarding for faculty members as well, as they see the results of their research mentorship. 

A typical action-packed conference schedule includes:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Keynote speaker
  • Awards ceremony 
  • Sessions, which include:
    • ePosters
    • Oral presentations
    • Dance performances
    • Art exhibits
    • Literature readings
    • Game development exhibitions
    • Computer science exhibitions

Spotlight: Select Presentation and Poster Titles 

As you read the titles of this sampling of graduate and undergraduate research, you will see that our students’ interests are broad and far reaching.

Undergraduate Research

  • Characterizing the Growth Kinetics of a Single Bacterium to Predict Antibiotic Resistance
  • Do people with different income levels have different consumption choices: Online shopping or Offline?
  • Stress levels in relation to student athletes
  • Shattered Elements (an Original RPG game) 
  • Prejudice & The Power of Poetry: The Blind and Visually Impaired
  • The Female Effect: How Female Therapists Influence Language Use
  • Personality as a Predictor of Drinking Habits
  • Preventing Hackers From Hacking Into Our Systems
  • Analysis of Stone Technology From Ice Age Alaska
  • Familicidal Men: What Drives Men to Murder Their Families?

Graduate Research 

  • Family Caregivers Across the Lifespan From Emerging Adulthood Through Mid-Life 
  • Are narcissists worse at providing support? Exploring the relationship between narcissism and capitalization in romantic relationships 
  • 4th– and 5th-Grade Students’ Attitudes Toward Physical Activity
  • Predation Analysis of Native and Invasive Intertidal Crab Species of Long Island
  • A Research Proposal on Swallowing in Dementia Patients: A Safety or Efficiency Impairment?
  • The Mind-Muscle Connection: The Role of Attention in Weight Training
  • The Impact of Homelessness on Adolescent Psychosocial Development: A Qualitative Study
  • The Emotional Implications of Pregnancy Discrimination
  • The Ferris Wheel and the Hotdog Stand (literature reading)
  • Is e-prescribing succeeding in the fight against medication errors in hospital settings?

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