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Accelerate your career by earning two degrees with our accelerated master's program for computer science.

Why Earn a Combined Degree in Computer Science?

Graduates of the combined degree program for computer science are qualified for a wide range of jobs in some of today’s fastest-growing fields, including software engineer, developer, systems engineer, web application programmer, mobile app developer, cybersecurity analyst and systems architect.

You’ll gain the skills, knowledge and training to create cutting-edge systems and adapt to the latest technological innovations, and translate your passion for science into career gold.

Why Earn a Combined Degree in Computer Science at Adelphi?

  • Benefit from a diverse, supportive learning environment—including small classes and personalized attention from faculty.
  • Benefit from the continuity and cohesiveness of a combined undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
  • Take advantage of hands-on experiences, ranging from research assistantships to internships, that boost professional qualifications.
  • Flexibility: Undergraduate courses are typically offered during the day, while graduate courses take place in the evening. This gives busy students the flexibility to participate in credit-bearing internships and research projects.


* Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2018
of our graduate students are working or continuing their education within six months of graduation.
Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2018

Adelphi students working in the lab with security expert Kees Leune, PhD.

Program Info

This 4+1 pathway is open to computer science students specializing in cybersecurity or software engineering.

Application Requirements

To apply for this program, submit the appropriate application requirements:

Additional Requirements

Students who are already enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate program and who meet GPA requirements can apply for the accelerated program once they have completed particular steps in the major.

Your academic adviser can help you design a course of study tailored to your individual career interests.

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