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Meet the requirements for a professional school in one year.

Why Earn a Certificate in Basic Sciences for Health Professions?

Students who intend to apply to medical, dental, veterinary, and osteopathic medical schools and who hold an undergraduate degree in a non-science major must complete basic science course work in order to apply to those schools. Through the Certificate in Basic Sciences for Health Professions program, these students can complete the required courses, gain valuable volunteer experience, and prepare for the graduate admissions test in an intense, rewarding year of study.

This certificate program allows students to:

  • Complete the course work required for application to most medical, dental, veterinary, or osteopathic medical schools in one calendar year
  • Complete core certificate requirements in three semesters of intensive study
  • Gain on-site volunteer experience in the health professions that is critical to a successful medical school application
  • Prepare for the MCAT and other standardized graduate admissions tests
  • Acquire important recommendations necessary in the competitive environment of medical school applications



* Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2018
of our graduate students are working or continuing their education within six months of graduation.
Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2018

Special Features

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising is available throughout the program to assist certificate students with all aspects of their preparation and application process.

Students receive a letter of recommendation to include in their applications on behalf of the Certificate in Basic Sciences for Health Professions Committee. Students interview with a medical professional (doctor, dentist, or veterinarian) on the committee, who then writes a letter on behalf of the entire committee.

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Basic Sciences for Health Professions program may choose to volunteer at a local medical facility in their field of study (medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science). Arrangements are made for the students to participate in the volunteer programs overseen by College of Professional and Continuing Studies staff. Students gain experience the medical field from the inside, network, and obtain references that will assist them on their medical school applications.

The glide year accounts for the yearlong process of applying to medical school. It begins with the initiation of the AMCAS, VMCAS, ADSAS, or AACOMOS application and continues on until medical school instruction begins. During this time, students may elect to take additional electives; they also continue clinical volunteering, research, and work, as they visit and interview at medical schools. Students may also be able to skip their glide year through special agreements made with area health professional schools. Advisors will notify students of these options when they begin the program. College of Professional and Continuing Studies will assist students on how to best use their glide year.

Program Info

Application Requirements

Applications are reviewed by the Adelphi Office of Admissions and the Dean of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. The following are required for application to the program:

  • Completed College of Professional and Continuing Studies application and fee
  • Three letters of recommendation
    • One from undergraduate faculty highlighting academic abilities
    • One from work or volunteer organization highlighting leadership skills
    • One personal reference highlighting interest in medicine
  • Transcripts from all previously attended colleges (unofficial transcripts are acceptable upon application, but official transcripts required before program completion)
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher ACT or SAT scores (unofficial upon application; official before program completion)
  • Essay detailing why you want to pursue a career in the health professions
  • Final transcript documenting a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited four-year institution

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