Adelphi’s Innovation Center

Adelphi’s Innovation Center

The Adelphi Innovation Center supports the university mission by developing opportunities for applied learning, connecting academia with external partners to solve real-life problems.

Not Just Inside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, the Innovation Center can solve real-world challenges.

Virtual Internship Opportunities

Interested in pursuing a virtual team internship linked to your major or program of study? The Virtual Team Internship Program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Through a project-based approach, students and faculty engage in real-world challenges faced by corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations. By participating in Experiential Learning programs, domestically and globally, students are trained to use abstract concepts learned in the classroom to create concrete innovative solutions to real problems.

As a recent graduate I can conclusively say that there is merit and need for these type of project-based learning engagements for students, as they provide a way of applying gained skill sets and taking responsibility for projects, which purely theoretical teaching methodology cannot.

Stephen Steiner Business Management, May 2020

Current Initiatives

The Innovation Center has designed programs for students to work on as an extra class activity or for credit during their academic year, including live cases, internships and labs.

Become a Partner

Want to work together? We're always looking for engagements and new partnerships.

Despite the fact the students ran the project, I can say that it was executed professionally, and excellent insights were brought up. They’ve worked hard on the research side and always tried to meet our expectations and directions. We were pleased to see the project progressing and taking shape each week. Way to go, team! Keep up the excellent work!

Ramon Tramontini VP of US Operations, Objective Group
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