The manager’s toolkit is designed to help you manage your department efficiently and effectively and to consolidate all of the Human Resources guidelines, support and tools you need in one site.

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The following outline and materials provide guidance for hiring new employees and helping them get started in their position at Adelphi University.

Hiring Employees

If you wish to replace an employee who resigned or create a new position please follow these guidelines.

1. Job Description

Please complete a new job description for each new position or review the previous job description and make updates if necessary. If you need a specific job description, please email the Office of Human Resources.

View the Job Description Template (DOC)

2. Creating a New Position/Salary Increase or Promotional Request Instructions

New Positions
The Office of Human Resources must receive the Job Requisition Justification form request for a position to be created. Submit the form to the Office of Human Resources once complete. New positions can be created in the Spring term, deadline April 1 and Fall term, deadline October 1.

Process for Replacing Vacant Position and Creating a New Position (PDF)

View and Download the Job Requisition Justification Form (DOC)

Salary Increase/Promotional Request

If you wish to request a salary increase and/or job title change for your employees, completed forms will be reviewed three times a year (September 1, January 1, May 1). The Salary Increase/Promotion form must be completed and sent to the Office of Human Resources for consideration.

View the Salary Increase or Promotion Request Form (PDF)

3. Adelphi Job Postings Website

Once the requested position is approved it will be posted on Adelphi’s job postings website, as well as on The Chronicle of Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, HERC, Indeed, LinkedIn and New York State Job Bank. The Office of Human Resources will email you the qualified candidates with their attachments, who are within the approved salary range.

Departmental managers/search chairs may contact the candidates directly to set up interviews (Local 153 positions must be interviewed by the Office of Human Resources first). After the interviews are complete, inform the Office of Human Resources who the department interviewed. The department must send out rejection letters to the candidates who were interviewed, but not selected. The Office of Human Resources will email rejection letters to the applicants who were not interviewed.

View the Rejection Template for Interviewed Candidates (DOC)

Finalists for all Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant positions must complete the Microsoft Word and Excel pre-employment assessment to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s computer skills. The Office of Human Resources will contact the candidate to set up the pre-employment assessment. After the candidate has completed both assessments, the results will be forwarded to the hiring manager for review.

View Recruitment Resources

Ask for three references from the desired candidate following the interview. The Office of Human Resources will call the references, unless, the department requests to do so. When calling a reference, the Telephone Reference Check Form must be completed. The completed form must be sent to the Office of Human Resources.

View and Download the Telephone Reference Check Form (DOC)

After the candidate’s employment references have been checked and are found to be satisfactory, the Office of Human Resources will contact the candidate to initiate the criminal and educational background check process. Typically, this process takes 2-3 days, but may possibly be longer depending on where the candidate has lived.

View the full background check policy

Before an offer can be made, the department head should contact the Office of Human Resources to finalize the amount to be offered. The department or the Office of Human Resources will call the candidate with the offer. If accepted, the Office of Human Resources will generate an appointment letter for the candidate to sign.

The new employee will come to the Office of Human Resources either before they start working or their first day of work to fill out all new hire paperwork. All new employees should bring identification. For a complete list of acceptable documents, please see the I-9 form.

View and Download New Hire Forms


The Office of Human Resources will contact the new hire to set up an orientation to review all benefits, PTO, policies, etc. This usually takes place on the employees’ first or second day of employment.

Onboarding Program

The Onboarding Program is an opportunity for all new faculty and staff to explore life and resources at Adelphi University. This program offers the opportunity to learn about Adelphi’s mission, vision and values of Momentum, as well as benefits, perks, training opportunities and other offerings that are available to our employees. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other employees and get familiar with the campus. The Office of Human Resources will contact the new hire about the next available date. Non-faculty employees are required to attend the onboarding program.

Technology Onboarding

Information Technology has a checklist to ensure that your new hire’s technology needs will be addressed.

View the Technology Onboarding Checklist

Managing Employees

Bi-Weekly attendance sheets are used to maintain accurate records of the hours worked by non-exempt employees. Monthly attendance sheets are used to maintain accurate records of vacation, personal days, sick says etc. taken by exempt employees.

View Payroll Information

The administrative calendar announces the University’s holidays for administrative, secretarial, clerical and public safety employees during the current fiscal year.

View the Administrative Calendar

Adelphi University has guidelines to managers for conducting online performance appraisals for all non-union employees.

View Performance Appraisal Procedures

The Employee Handbook serves as a guide to the Human Resources policies and practices for employees of Adelphi University.

View the Employee Handbook

These agreements explain the terms and conditions of employment for union employees.

View the Collective Bargaining Agreements

Adelphi University has a strict Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy, as well contact information for filing a complaint.

View the Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy

Adelphi University’s classification of employees on the payroll of Adelphi University varies for full-time, part-time, hourly, and temporary or student employees.

View the Classification of Employees Policy

There are comprehensive benefits packages that are offered to Union (non-faculty) and Non-Union employees of Adelphi University.

View Employee Benefits

Developing Employees

The Office of Human Resources understands that continual learning and career development is a vital part of the employee experience here at Adelphi University. Support for employee learning and development is among the University’s most important commitments. We have assembled a variety of learning experiences that will contribute to your personal and professional development.

The Diversity Certificate Program is designed to promote a positive, respectful work place and learning space for all of our constituents. The program is intended to address diversity and inclusion holistically including, but is not limited to, race, creed, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, religion, marital and veteran status.

Learn More About the Diversity Certificate Program

This program is a series of professional development workshops for managers and supervisors at Adelphi University. The program uses a flipped learning strategy to deliver instructional content, first online, then through face-to-face facilitated discussions.

Learn More About the Leadership and Management Certificate Program

The Technology Competency Certificate Program is a self-directed online learning program designed for Local 153 employees and other administrative professionals at Adelphi University. This program offers instruction on computer skills and competencies in Microsoft and Google applications, as well as Doodle, a calendar scheduling app. To enroll employees in this program, please contact

Learn More About the Technology Competency Certificate Program

LinkedIn Learning online training is available for free to Adelphi University faculty, staff and students. Use this highly respected service to spur your learning and development, as well as get just-in-time help on subjects that include management, technology, digital media, web development and much more. Courses are segmented so you can watch as little or as much as you want.

Learn More About LinkedIn Learning

For union employees please refer to the applicable CBA. For non-union employees please click the link below.

View the Tuition Remission Policy

Off-Boarding Employees

1. The employee should submit a letter of resignation to their direct supervisor first (typically two weeks in advance).

2. Then the employee or supervisor should send their resignation letter to the Office of Human Resources.

3. Human Resources will contact the employee to set up an exit interview on their last day.

4. While attending the interview, Human Resources will ask for the return of any keys or property the employee may have obtained while working for the university as well as their Adelphi ID.

5. The meeting will also go over benefits and if any time will be paid out to the employee.

6. In addition, Human Resources will send an ‘Exit Interview Questionnaire’ to the employee for feedback about their time at Adelphi.

Technology Off-Boarding Checklist for Resigning Employees

Information Technology has a checklist to ensure that you successfully off-board your resigning employee.

View the Technology Off-boarding Checklist

If a manager wishes to start the disciplinary process or discuss ending the employment of a union or non-union employee, they should contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss the matter and forward all necessary backup materials to their Human Resources contact person.

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