Center for Student Involvement Advisors

  • All CSI advisors are available via email between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Request a virtual meeting with your CSI advisor!
  • Email to set-up a meeting time, let us know your time zone and preferred platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.)
  • Find a list of CSI advisors on the last page of this document.

Staying Connected with your Organization

Group Chats: Having various group chats for your club’s general body, committees, and e-board is a great way to maintain communications and make plans while working remotely. WhatsApp and GroupMe are good tools to use.

Organization Meetings: CSI suggests meeting virtually! Using Google Hangouts or Zoom, you also have the ability to share your screen if you want to show a document, presentation or website. Decide with your e-board what meeting times work best for e-board and general body meetings with your new remote schedules.

Using Google Suite for organization meetings: Google Suite including Google Hangouts and Google Docs, can be accessed through your Adelphi Gmail account. These tools provide an easy way to engage virtually. You can have up to 250 participants in a Google Hangout (video call). Use Google Docs to take live minutes during meetings and post them to MyAULife under Documents after the meeting (Manage Organization → Documents→ Upload File). You can also email minutes out to all members using the Messaging function under Roster so everyone is kept in the loop!

Tips for Using Google Hangout

Create a Google Calendar invite to send to participants, and you’ll see a video icon. If you click on “add conferencing,” and click “Hangouts Meet,” it will add a personalized link in the invitation for all your members to use to jump on the call. If a member can’t video chat, it will also provide instructions to call in by phone. This link can also be posted on the MyAULife event for members to access as well.

Learn how to get started with video calls and troubleshoot issues here.

Tips for Using Google Drive

Google Drive: Collect, store and share important organization documents for you and your members or e-board.

  • Createa shared drive for your organization
  • Be sure to check the sharing privileges for any documents you want your members to be able to edit.

Zoom: A video-conferencing platform that allows you to join or host a meeting, pre-record trainings for your members. Visit eCampus, click Zoom and select Join, Host, or Sign In. If you select Join you will be asked to enter a “Meeting ID” that should have been provided by the meeting host. If you select Host or Sign In, you will be redirected to sign in through your portal.

Virtual Events

  • As an e-board, discuss events you had planned to host this semester and see if they can be done virtually.
  • Need ideas for making an event virtual? Reach out to your CSI advisor and we can help!
  • Collaborate with another organization. Find their contact information on MyAULife!
  • Host a panel. Invite panelists to participate via a video conferencing platform.
  • Invite a speaker. Ask a professor or alumni member of your organization to speak on a topic.
  • Create a video explaining the mission and purpose of your club. This will be great to keep and pass on to future members.
  • Create trivia competitions using Kahoot! or Quizizz and host over a video conferencing platform
  • Have a paint party! Follow a painting/drawing tutorial on Youtube and share your masterpieces with each other.

Social Media

  • Maintain your presence on social media and use it to keep your members and Adelphi University students engaged.
  • Create Instagram or Tik Tok challenges to keep members engaged.
  • Tag @adelphicsi on Instagram so we can repost and highlight how your organization is connecting virtually.
  • Please think before you post. Keep it appropriate, respectful and positive. Remember there is no such thing as privacy online.

Center for Student Involvement Advisors

Anna Zinko
e –

  • Chabad Jewish Student Group
  • Females of Culture United for Success
  • Muslim Student Association

Alexa Grosskreuz
e –

  • Adelphi University Student Nurses Association
  • Anthropology Club
  • Circle K International
  • Commuter Student Organization
  • Delphian Newspaper
  • Feminist Alliance
  • Mock Trial
  • Philosophy Club
  • Physics Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Student Government Association
  • Organizations in the New Organization Cohort

Arianna Livreri 
e –

  • Accounting Society
  • American Sign Language Club
  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Environmental Action Coalition
  • Finance Society
  • Future Teachers Association
  • Hellenic Society
  • Investment Club
  • Latino Student Association
  • Mosaic
  • National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Benjy Hechtman
e –

  • African Student Association
  • ACM Adelphi Chapter
  • Arts Empower Adelphi
  • College Republicans
  • Global Medical Brigade
  • Korean Entertainment Club
  • Multilingual Experience Club

Athena Bressack
e –

  • Adelphi Christian Fellowship
  • Black Students United
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance
  • Hip Hop Club
  • International Student Society
  • Newman Club
  • PAWS Web Radio
  • Physician Assistant Club
  • Pre-Professional Club
  • Sikhs United
  • South Asian Student Association
Phone Number
Earle Hall B, 001

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