The purpose of the Student Organization Accreditation Program is to assist student organizations in monitoring and improving their own activities and growth.

To remain a student organization, every organization is required to complete the requirements of the accredited organization. To receive outstanding organization or organization of excellence, student organizations must complete those requirements and all the tiers before them.

Student Organization Rating Scale

Accredited Organization

  • Keep MyAULife and profile up to date including meeting time/place and executive board members.
  • Executive board must have a 2.3 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Keep updated roster; ensure those students listed on the roster are engaged in your organization. Rosters need to be updated and cleaned out by October 15thand March 15th each year.
  • Organization has 10 or more members.
  • Have a faculty/staff member fill out Advisor Agreement by October 1. It is suggested that advisers are full-time faculty/staff members.
  • Organization hosts two or more programs throughout the year open to the entire community. This includes posting an event to MyAULife at least 30 days prior to the event date, and submitting a path form within5 days of the event for credit.
  • Have invited members attend Fall and Spring Leadership Retreats.
  • Have a goal-setting meeting with the organizations CSI advisor in the Fall and a review in the Spring semester.
  • Have all organization executive board members Title IX trained.
  • Organizations who wish to obtain funding from the Student Government Association must submit a budget request by the deadline.

Outstanding Organization

  • Sit for a yearbook photo.
  • Have at least one executive board member attend at least one non-required leadership training.
  • Complete a community service program during both the fall and spring semesters.
  • Collaborate with at least one other student organization on a program open to the entire campus community
  • Take attendance at all of your organization’s events
  • Have at least two members of your organization attend a Student Government Association meeting, or town hall, once per semester.
  • Have members participate in a campus-wide initiative. Look for emails and opportunities such as Adelphi Spirit Weekend, Relay for Life, Take Back the Night, and Adelphi Gives Back Month.

Organization of Excellence

  • View requirements
  • View incentives
  • Organization raised and donated money to a charitable organization
  • Host at least one weekend program open to the undergraduate community
  • Host an off-campus program open to the undergraduate community
  • Organizations host elections (as outlined in their constitution) via the MyAULife election process.
  • Organizations host an off-campus program or trip to New York City open to the undergraduate community.
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