The participation of staff advisers makes it possible for students to gain the most out of their Adelphi University experience by participating in co-curricular organizations and activities.

Note that you will need to submit an Adviser agreement form for each organization you advise.

Advisor Agreement

The Center for Student Involvement believes advisers to student organizations are integral parts of the development and success of our student leaders. The adviser should serve as a mentor, consultant to the organization, and be knowledgeable about CSI and University policies and procedures.

All recognized student organizations are required to have a campus (faculty/staff) adviser. The adviser must be a full-time University employee and have been employed by the University for at least one (1) semester. Fraternities and sororities are also required to have a Chapter (Alumni) adviser who actively helps the chapter attain its goals. It is every student organization’s responsibility to keep the adviser(s) fully informed and involved in all student organization matters.

Advisers are extremely valuable in assisting student organizations and their members. They should provide advice on the operations and activities of the organization, ensure continuity in the organization, and can act as liaisons between the organization, University, and in some cases national offices.

As a Student Organization Adviser, You Must

  1. Know who your student organization’s executive board members are and exchange contact information with one another.
  2. Meet with your student organization at least once per month.
  3. Be accessible to your student organization and interested in their success.
  4. Ensure that the student organization is fulfilling all Student Organization Accreditation Program (SOAP)
  5. Be aware of the student organization’s budget, club account balance, and their financial expenditures.
  6. Assist the student organization in setting realistic goals and objectives each year and help them evaluate their progress.
  7. Be well informed about the plans and activities of the organization. We encourage student organization advisers to support their group by attending their events.
  8. Have knowledge and a thorough understanding of the constitution and bylaws of the organization and help with interpretation, when necessary.
  9. Be aware of liability issues (i.e. hazing, alcohol, etc.), advise the organization to make reasonable and prudent decisions regarding these issues in planning activities, and inform the Center for Student Involvement of any issues or violations.
  10. Assist with the training of new student organization leaders.
  11. Assist the student organization with any management, recruitment, or logistical needs and training.

Resignation or Termination of Adviser

A campus adviser may resign at any time, but when possible, the resigning adviser should help the organization find a new adviser. Upon resignation, the adviser should submit any organizational records, charters, etc. to the Center for Student Involvement.

If an organization is changing advisers, the new adviser must fill out the adviser Agreement form on MyAULife.

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