In light of the extremely unusual circumstances surrounding this semester due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, and the stress and anxiety this has caused for many of you, we have conducted extensive research into enhanced Pass/Fail options that can reduce the potential impact of the situation on your grades and GPAs.

The most notable change to the policy is that it allows you the option to select Pass/No Credit after your grades are reported at the end of the semester. This approach supports you in working to your highest potential, but does not penalize you with an ‘F’ if the sudden conversion to remote learning results in unexpected challenges and a lower than expected grade in any courses.

This option allows you to make informed choices. We encourage you to consult your advisors and others on the best course of action once you’ve received your grades for the semester.

Please note that there are, by necessity, exceptions for specific majors and programs, which are noted in the policy. Deans will be reaching out to any students affected by those exceptions to explain the relevant details.

This policy has been thoughtfully analyzed and approved by the faculty Committees on Academic Standards and Academic Affairs, and the Faculty Senate.

We hope your transition during this first week of remote learning has gone smoothly and we thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to the Office of Academic Services and Retention at


Steve Everett
Provost and Executive Vice President

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Grading Policy

Before submitting grade change requests, students will consult with an academic advisor and Student Financial Services to understand the potential impact on financial aid, certification requirements, NCAA eligibility, graduate school applications, joint program articulation agreements, Latin Honors eligibility, Dean’s List eligibility, and related questions.

The following are important details regarding this one-time temporary policy:

  • In most cases any letter grade of C- or higher can be converted to a “Pass” [P], while any lower grades can convert to a special “No Credit” [NC] designation.
  • For reasons related to professional certification requirements, students in certain majors and programs will have restrictions on how this Pass/No Credit policy will apply to their own degree requirements (departments will be reaching out to their students soon to provide information about the impact and relevance of this policy in each major/program). These include:
    • Nursing
    • Accounting
    • Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP)
    • Physical Education, Art Education, and Music Education
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Pass and No Credit grades will not have an impact on student GPA.
  • For Spring 2020 only, classes in which a student earns a “Pass” can be applied to General Education and Foreign Language requirements.
  • For Spring 2020 only, classes in which a student earns a “Pass” can be applied to major/minor/program degree requirements (with possible exceptions in the above majors/programs).
  • Restrictions on Pass/Fail classes related to academic probation and independent studies will not apply to students opting for Pass/No Credit for Spring 2020.
  • While this policy applies only to undergraduate students, some graduate programs are establishing Pass/No Credit policies for Spring 2020 and will be communicating those to their students soon.

Additional Notes Regarding the Spring 2020 Pass/No Credit Option


Based on guidelines sent out by the NCAA, student-athlete eligibility should not be negatively affected by grades of Pass or No Credit in Spring 2020.  Student-athletes concerned about how the Pass/No Credit option might affect their eligibility should contact Jessica Roque, Associate Director of Compliance, at

Joint Degree Programs

Students in Joint-Degree/Early Assurance programs should consult with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships if they have any questions about the implications of selecting the Pass/No Credit option.

Graduate Studies

Students planning to apply for graduate study should consult with their academic advisor to discuss how the decision to opt for Pass/No Credit might impact their future plans.

Financial Aid

Adelphi scholarships and Federal Financial Aid (including federal loans and grants) will not be impacted by student decisions to opt for the Pass/No Credit option. Please note that Adelphi has not been given any final guidelines at the State level about the impact of the P/NC option on the Tuition Assistance Program [TAP] and other awards. Based on existing non-COVID guidelines, students who receive the TAP or other state funds should be aware that any grade lower than C may affect their state aid. At this time, we do not think this possibility should impact a student’s decision to opt for the P/NC in specific classes. Finally, students who might select the P/NC option with the goal of meeting GPA requirements for their Adelphi scholarships should be aware that Adelphi will not be canceling any scholarships based on Spring 2020 academic performance.

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